Where are you guys located?

We are currently a bicoastal business located in NYC and LA. If items were purchased from both locations, packages will arrive from the original location purchased and will arrive at separate times. 

When do our items ship?

Our products are mainly made to order and usually take 7-14 days to assemble. Some may be in stock and will take 2-3 days to ship out.

Return policy

Every purchase is a final sale, unless the product arrived damaged, which you can contact us at shop.crackcouture@gmail.com.

How to care for our jewelry?

Our pieces are waterproof but for longer life please avoid water as moisture will cause them snap over time. Please do not panic when our products get bendy or flexible, it is due to either heat or moisture. They will return to the firmness when in a normal room temperature environment.

Where are we based?

We are currently a duo of small artist based in NYC and LA. 

Contact us for any other inquiries at shop.crackcouture@gmail.com